Your safety is our mission

We would never operate a holiday unless it were safe to do so

Our Hotel Security Awareness provides all hotel team members with the fundamental skills to ensure a secure environment for guests and employees.

All our rooms have fresh air and are cleaned daily with standard protocols which are effective against viruses

All our guest rooms and common areas are cleaned with the antibacterial product which kills 99.9% of bacteria including coronavirus, special attention to all dangerous surfaces such as remote-control, handle -knobs, telephones, etc


Guests strongly advised undergoing a test 72 hours before arrival.

  • Periodically touchless temperature measuring.
  • Doctor available 24/7 .


Employees take body temperature daily.

From Arrival to Departure

Guest Arrival

  • Fast check-in procedures with safe distances & staff PPE.
  • Regular sanitization of door handles, surfaces, and buttons  disinfectant.
  • Disinfection of all equipment such as room keys, POS
  • Airy spaces with fresh air.
  • Frequent sanitization and change of equipment.
  • Intensive staff training on PPE use and disinfection before opening and during operation.
  • Hands-free sanitization stations in all resorts.
  • Check out at 11:00, Check-in after 16:00 in order to give the necessary attention for the disinfection.

Your Stay

  • A/C cleaning and disinfection upon every room change. Filters and grills disinfected upon every room change. The usage of A/C within rooms at guests’ discretion.
  • Guest room disinfection. Use of ISO cleaning and disinfecting protocols to clean all hotel rooms. Each room is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with certified cleaning equipment. Special attention to high contact areas.
  • Linen. All linen washed   with  antibacterial soaps.
  • Cleaning of guest rooms and suites. The daily cleaning of rooms is avoided in order to secure the less possible contact of guests and employees. Any time desired, the room will be deep cleaned at the request of the guest.
  • Mini-Bar. Mini-Bar will be kept empty. Anything desired is available in Room service.
  • Cleaning of common areas. High contact areas such as door handles, switches, furniture, etc. Are frequently cleaned daily.
  • Clearly displayed safety signage for social distancing.
  • Sanitization. Hands-free sanitization stations with PPE – such as masks, gloves and disinfectant wipes – are located at reception for guest use.
  • Elevators safety. Max 2 guests permitted in elevators or a family consisting of 2 adults and children. Buttons inside and outside the elevators sanitized every 2 hours. Hand sanitizers available outside elevators. Mandatory use of a mask in elevators.
  • Stringent water testing. Testing of common area water samples monthly by a professional partner and daily check of free chlorine level.
  • Disinfection of all surfaces. All surfaces systematically disinfected regularly. Items-such as door handles, keys, and security locks-disinfected with 70% alcohol, where bleach not suitable.
  • Periodically water testing. Water quality is checked by its purification and disinfection.

Food & Beverage

  • Employee PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). All employees of indoor serving wear masks and gloves. Gloves and masks are changed regularly, and the staff receives intensive COVID-safe PPE training.
  • Guest PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Personal protective equipment (gloves and masks) is provided to all guests.
  • Sanitization of all restaurants & Bars. Disinfection of all high-touch surfaces after each reservation. Overnight restaurant deep disinfection with aerial surface disinfection machine. Guest hand sanitization stations located in all locations.
  • Menu. Single-use and digital menus (QR codes) available to minimize physical contact.
  • Restaurant capacity. Seating reduced as ordered by the Health First Protocol.  One family per table. Restricted Breakfast and dinner hours are valid due to the reduction of restaurant capacity.
  • Buffets. All food served by staff wearing appropriate PPE. Distances will be kept in the buffet area.
  • Limited contact. Social distancing in all areas.
  • Ingredients. Cleaning of all materials and ingredients with HACCP.
  • Personal disinfection. Disinfection of hands is mandatory upon entry in Restaurants.
  • Tables. Tables are disinfected after every use. Disposable table covers are used for every guest.


Measures are taken to maintain safety in leisure areas

  • Beaches & pools. A safe distance of 4 meters between Umbrellas. Disinfection of sunbeds, pool areas, and equipment.
  • Sunbeds. Disinfection of sunbeds after use. Sunbed cover providedon request.
  • Pool area. Restricted Umbrellas and Sunbeds, as stated in Health First Protocol. Pool lovers are advised to book a room with a private pool or a sharing pool.
  • Water Quality. Increased water quality controls.


  • Checkout. Fast checkout is available to guests – bills prepared without physical contact.
  • Checkout desk capacity. Desk capacity reduced to maintain social distancing.
  • Disinfection of in-resort spaces. All indoor areas thoroughly cleaned with a disinfectant
  • Compliance with Health Authorities guidelines & additional protocol implementation. Compliance with WHO (World Health Organization), Government Health Authorities,
  • National Public Health Organisation, HEALTH FIRST Protocols.